In the current overloaded and hyper-connected working environment, employees productivity reduces due to the increased Stress, Exhaustion and eventually burn-out.

Fatigue and Stress related costs for Corporations don’t stop to increase.

The benefits of short breaks and power naps during the working day has been proven to be a major leverage to improve focus, productivity
and overall well-being of employees.

The Neuro Activation Pod provides provides a simple and scientifically tested method for full physical and mental recovery and relaxation in the midst of a busy workday.

Combines the minimalist Nordic stylish design with the high-tech technology from Neurosonic®.

The Neurosonic® technology based on sensory tissue stimulation with a combination of acoustic and low frequency vibration along the entire body, will relax the body and mind.

The 12 minutes activation program will also increase the energy levels, to return to work in a much more productive way.

Built by Lo0ok Industries, Finland


Design by Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen

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4 Programs available:

// Relaxation

// Power Nap

// Activation

// Recovery

Programs duration between 10 to 40 minutes

Significantly reduces Fatigue and Stress

Short time programs from 10 to 40 min

Integrated touchscreen and headset

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