The real time employee feedback tracking system


20x more feedback

Real time user friendly Dashboard

Very easy set-up and seamless operation

3-year life battery and integrated GSM

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ExpressPod is a stand-alone kiosk to collect employee feedback on a very quick and easy way.

With a 3-year battery life and integrated GSM communication system, the set-up takes less than one minute and its operation is seamless.

Several ExpressPods can be used at the same time on different locations.

Keep the finger on the pulse of your employees’ engagement and mood trends by receiving the real time KPI reporting on your dashboard, which is also API ready.

Should you like to collect further detailed feedback, an embedded full survey is available, easily accessible on employees’ smartphone by NFC integrated chip or by QR code.

ExpressPod is easily switched to multiple-choice question device whenever you would like, so you can really target the key issues of the moment.

Since it’s anonymous and so easy to use, you’ll get up to 20x more feedback compared to traditional survey systems, allowing you to make better educated decisions.

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