Celebrate the end of the year in your company with our special offers!

At RelaxInc, we’ve put together some special offers to help you celebrate this festive season in an unforgettable way within your company. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to thank your teams for their commitment throughout the year. Book our services today and create an exceptional end-of-year event. For more information and to customize your offer, please contact us.

Chair massage

A 20-minute chair massage is a quick, relaxing and revitalizing break right in the workplace. It's one of the most effective ways of stimulating both physical and mental energy, while eliminating the tension accumulated over the year. Its practicality lies in the fact that it can be performed while dressed, without the use of oils.

Cette séance comprend une série de mouvements  concentrés sur le dos, les épaules, la nuque, les bras, les mains et les hanches.

Meditation workshop

Give your employees a moment of calm in the midst of this busy period with our one-hour meditation workshop. This session, held in the meeting room, is guided by the principles of Kundalini Yoga, aimed at cultivating inner serenity, concentration and balance.

Using breathing, stretching and meditation techniques, your employees will return to work revitalized and more balanced than ever.

Self-massage workshop

During this 45-minute hands-on workshop for up to 25 participants. Employees will discover simple, effective techniques for practicing self-massage, reducing pain, muscle tension and stress.

Each participant will leave with a self-massage ball and unlimited access to our videos, encouraging regular practice to improve their well-being and vitality on a daily basis.

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