Back to everyday life, back to work, back to school for the kids, shorter days, extra pounds gained over the vacations… And with all that, our morale is affected, sometimes without realizing it. How can we keep our spirits up? In September, we’re going to share with you a few nuggets for detoxing our bodies, physically, mentally, nutritionally and digitally. We’ll start with a few solutions for physical detox!


One way to detoxify your body is to sweat! Whether you’re exercising, hammam or taking a hot bath, you’ll be allowing your skin to exude any accumulated toxins through its pores. Moderate physical activity is still the most beneficial at every level. Sometimes it’s hard to get off the couch… Make the effort, put on your sneakers and let’s go for a walk or a jog. Remember how good you feel after this activity. It’ll help you next time!

Natural antidepressant!

The benefits of physical activity for our physical health have been known for a long time. However, scientific findings concerning the mental benefits are much more recent. Le sport augmente l’activité de neurotransmetteurs dans des zones cérébrales contrôlant les émotions et impliquées dans la survenue des maladies mentales. The sport gives us smile, regulates our mood, attenuates our stress. Often considered a natural antidepressant. The endorphin, this hormone secreted during the effort sports, a genuine well-being that improves our moral!