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Chair Massage

A 15min chair massage, a quick-break at the workplace, is one of the best techniques to boost the energy both physically and mentally, removing the tensions accumulated during the intense work days and improving employee productivity, as concluded by several studies.

We bring all the material with us, you don’t need to worry about anything else including the administrative tasks. We only require a space with 5m2.
We’ve offers starting from 280 CHF for 2 hours (8 massages) with travelling included.

Chair massage is also popular for any type of corporate events where we come with several therapists.

Self-Massage Workshop

In a one hour dynamic and practical group session, participants will learn the techniques to use at their own convenience to make self-massage, whenever they feel stressed or tired.

Very popular during corporate events and health promotion programs.

Much appreciated by executives, as the learned techniques can be used during the long and intense business trips.

Office Detox Program

The full program for the Complete Office Detox.

One day program to bring the office clean-up day to an unprecedented level.

Together with 5 other partners, we share a myriad of tools, techniques, methods and learnings from very different topics in order to exponentially increase the productivity and well-being of your employees.

Conferences and application regarding: Office organizing; Ergonomics; Nutrition; Relaxation and Logistic support


Stress Management Workshop

In a one hour session, participants will practice stretching, breathing and meditation techniques, helping them achieving an emotional balance that releases the accumulated stress and creates a sense of peace and fulfillment.

This workshop with a capacity up to 15 people is a very good fit for Corporate events related to health and the well-being at the workplace.


Active Yoga Asanas (exercises) strengthen body and increase power, which leads to more confidence into the own body and skills and increase overall strength.

While doing the relaxing Yoga Asanas, body flexibility increases and relaxation takes place.

Mixing both active and passive Asanas provides the perfect mix to keep the body and mind healthy, increase motivation and internal balance.

Body Meditation

Usage of body movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration state of the individual, since the body, mind and spirit are all interconnected.

Expressing and experiencing feelings with the whole body, by moving or dancing, has automatically and directly effect on the mental state.

The body is used as a tool to release stress, solve blockades and release problems.

Once a positive experience is done with the body, it can be called up in any time much easier than if the experience was just done by thinking or talking.

Autogenic training

Autogenic training is a relaxation technique developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich, which involves repetitions of a set of visualizations that induce a state of relaxation.

Is based on passive concentration of bodily perceptions like as heaviness and warmth of arms, legs.

The technique is used to alleviate many stress-induced psychosomatic disorders.

After the 8 week program participants will be able to execute the autogenic training all by themselves, anytime and anywhere, where they can find some quiet space, in the office, in the train or at home.

With only 5 minutes of using the technique, a deep relaxation will take place, which is comparable with a 30 minutes nap.

Strategic Nutrition

A good nutrition plan is the very fundamental for a healthy body and for a good performance.

We propose you a variety of different options like conferences, seminars and personalized workshops depending on your specific needs that will certainly increase the well-being and health of your staff.

The Hands-on workshops, seminars, articles, team-buildings and health challenges can be combined with regular assessments and capturing specific psychological parameters in order to provide a personalized advices to each individual followed.

Auto hypnosis

Auto hypnosis is the capacity that each individual can develop to, with a little effort, access to the internal subconscient resources, aspect that is usually under-utilized.

The main objective of auto hypnosis is to reduce stress, release creativity, manage internal fears, reinforce self-confidence and activate competences already present but on a sleeping state,

After the 6 weeks program, the method will be used instinctively and autonomously.

Stress Management Program

In this 8 weeks program, participants will go through an exploration process in order to free them up from the stress and pressure from the intense daily work life.

We will personalize the program according the specific issues and needs of the targeted audience, no matter if it’s your executive team or the professionals which are going through a lot of pressure and stress.

Techniques are based in the principles of the Kundalini Yoga.

Corporate Events

Internally and working with our partners, we can provide you the solution to make any of your corporate event, a wonderful souvenir to your employees.

No matter if it’s a one day team meeting or a full health week, we have the perfect solution for your needs.


Coaching is the most powerful process to address any personal or professional blockage or any required development. It’s an exploration process centered on the individual and focused on the future desired state.

RelaxInc offers a program of individual and confidential sessions whenever one of your employees is facing a blockage situation or when there’s a development and growth potential to be explored.

Our Services can be performed in French, English and German

Contact us for more details so we can prepare a personalized offer according to your specific needs