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Welcome to the Chair Massage registration

We are very pleased to announce you  that Chair massages are now available at the Satellite Office in Zurich.

15min chair massage, a quick-break at the workplace, boost your energy both physically and mentally, removing the tensions accumulated during your intense work days. This massage is performed clothed, without oils, and on an ergonomic chair. Uses the shiatsu principles (pressure), and is focus on the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands.

In March the dates will be the 12th and 21st, between 11h00 and 14h00 at the room……..

You can book your massage in advance using our online reservation system. Appointment is synchronized with your calendar and with possibility to change or cancel your massage up to 24h prior to your reservation.

During the month of March, the price of the massage is only 25CHF (instead of 30CHF) 

Payment can be done in cash, Twint or wire transfer.

Massages can’t be performed in cases of cardiac problems, low blood pressure, pregnancy, diabetes, or any other major health complications.

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