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Our Mission

To make every workplace the most pleasant environment for employees, where they will feel welcomed, safe, recognized, relaxed and in a perfect state of well-being so they can unleash all their potential and provide the most added value to the Organization

Our Values

  • People at first, because every business is moved by people
  • Respect and Recognition
  • Competency and Consistency

The Team

Teresa Crispim

Co-founder and Therapist.

Teresa has a bachelor degree in Management and after spending few years raising her two children, she decided it was time to embrace such and interesting and noble project; To improve the health and the wellbeing of the employees at the workplace, as this is a major issue in the current society.

Several massage related diplomas in Switzerland.

Helder Amaral

Mechanical Engineer and 15 years of Multinational corporate experience, as a Function Head and Team Management.

The corporate experience and the leadership role made him realize how the health and well-being of employees is critical to enhance their full potential and creativity, in order to bring the most added value to the organization.

In 2015 Helder changed career, becoming Corporate trainer, business, executive and personal development Coach and the co-founder of RelaxInc, as he’s a true believer that work can and must be relaxing.

Helder also followed several massage trainings, specifically dedicated to Chair Massage and self-massage.

Aleksandra Held

With a background in Work Psychology, ….

From few years now that Aleksandra realized that massages are one of the key levers to increase individuals well-being.

She followed different courses in Switzerland and she’s a certified therapist.

Olga Campart

Univeristy degree as a lawyer, Olga soon discovered her main driver was to help people, therefore she began a teacher career.

Her continuos wish to help others, now focus in how to improve their well-being, made her shift towards massages.

Certificate in chair massage and fully focused on Relaxinc activity.

Maria Burri

Therapist and energetician.

With a background in IT systems, specialized in Data management, Maria soon discovered the interest in massages.

She followed several trainings in Geneva, giving her a series of diplomas like therapeutic massage and sportive massage amongst others.

In parallel with her IT activity she practises massage at client’s home for more than 10 years!

Her collaboration with RelaxInc results from her wish to contribute to the increase of health promotion at the workplace, by conciliating well-being and performance.

Nina Niedzwiedz

Qualified therapist and estethician, with several years of experience in a SPA in London.

Most of Nina’s professional diplomas like; swedish massage, hot stones massage, aroma therapy, facial massage, pedicure and manicure were done in London and she also got some Swiss certificates including chair massage.

She’s very passionate by this field and the well-being of her clients is her priority.

Laura Miñano

With a bachelor degree in Sociology and a Master in Corporate Communication, in 2011 Laura decided to change her focus and to further develop her Yoga and Meditation skills.

She got the diploma as Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2011, being her thesis a Yoga Program for the Office. She followed several trainings since then, always open to new approaches, like Radiant child Yoga Diploma for teaching kids and young-adults and Sudarshan Meditation training.

She currently runs her own group classes for adults and kids and she is collaborating with Société Suisse de Sclérose en Plaques where she runs the Lausanne “Accesible yoga” class.