The warmer weather is finally back, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a revitalizing sports routine. Here’s our advice to encourage you to take the plunge, and to help you get back into the swing of things.

The benefits of physical activity :

Regular exercise is crucial to good health. Consistent exercise can significantly reduce mortality, improve well-being and act as an effective bulwark against many chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Its benefits also extend to improving sleep quality and mental health, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

The risks of a sedentary lifestyle :

A sedentary lifestyle means a long period of physical inactivity, often in a seated or lying position, with little physical effort, whether at work or at play.
The main indicator of this trend is the amount of time spent in front of a screen, whether it’s television, video games or the computer. On average, adults spend between 3 hours 20 and 4 hours 40 a day on these activities outside work.
A sedentary lifestyle is also a major risk factor for many serious illnesses. It increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. As well as mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.
To counter the damaging effects of a sedentary lifestyle, it’s essential to make simple changes to your daily routine.

Our tips for adopting a sports routine :

Start gently :

Incorporate movement into your daily routine by adopting small, active habits. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a morning walk before you start your day, or take a few moments to stretch in the middle of your workday. These simple but effective gestures promote better overall health.

Choose a sporting activity you enjoy :

Choosing a sporting activity you enjoy is the key to maintaining a regular routine. The aim is to find a balance in your practice. So if you’re not a fan of fitness and weight training, explore more dynamic activities like running. If you prefer something gentler, Pilates or yoga are excellent options. There are no hard and fast rules, the important thing is to choose an activity that makes you smile and look forward to.

Plan your exercise routine :

Integrate physical activity into your schedule by finding the ideal time. With an already busy schedule, choosing the right time to exercise is crucial. Whether it’s in the morning before work, during your lunch break or in the evening after a busy day, find the time that suits you best. Consciously block out this period in your schedule and note it down in your diary. This planning will enable you to gradually integrate physical activity into your daily routine, offering both physical and mental benefits.

Find your motivation with a sports app :

This solution becomes an indispensable ally for staying active on a daily basis. With a wide choice of activities, levels of difficulty and videos available at all times. These applications adapt to your schedule. What’s more, they offer varied, fun programs to keep your enthusiasm intact.

Join a group :

Boost your motivation by creating or joining an active community! Getting involved with a local walking group, yoga club or online community that shares your interests can considerably boost your determination. Finding support among a group creates a sense of belonging and makes physical activity even more rewarding.

By applying these tips, you’ll realize that maintaining an exercise routine becomes not only achievable, but also a source of enriching satisfaction in your life and well-being.