Chair massage

Chair massage

Relaxation express

A 20 min chair massage, a quick relaxing and energetic break at the workplace. Is one of the best techniques to boost the energy both physically and mentally, removing the tensions accumulated during the intense work days and improving employee productivity, as concluded by several studies.

Very convenient for a professional environment since it’s performed clothed without usage of oils. A combination of pressure movements through the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and hips.

The benefits of a Chair Massage:

– Relaxes muscles and therefore relieves muscles pain

– Decreases the levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue

– Boosts energy levels

– Improves concentration and oxygenation of the body

– Increase circulation and lowers blood pressure

Easy booking

We bring all the necessary material and we even take care of all the admin tasks. Our personalized online booking platform makes the implementation of the service very easy and seamless.

Chair Massage is also very popular during corporate events and team building sessions. In this case we come with several masseuses according to your needs.

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