Health Weeks

Wellness Weeks

Planting the seeds for a Healthier Lifestyle of your employees.

Our Corporate Wellness Weeks programs were designed to maximize your employees’ performance by improving their health and well-being, and improving your employeur brand image and your Company sustainability and CSR!

Imagine a week where your employees start their day with an energizing yoga session followed by a meditation workshop to boost their concentration. The next day, they can enjoy a balanced lunch followed by a conference on Digital Balance to raise their awareness of the impact of hyperconnectivity.

We offer a variety of flexible activities to meet the needs of your teams. Ranging from nutrition workshops to physical activities adapted to different levels, including our best seller, the Chair Massage, but also some  team building activities.

Our  Personalized booking platform

Our programs are easy to set-up and can be organized over one or more days according to your preferences.
Our personalized platform makes it easy to plan all activities and allows you to easily manage all wellness workshops within your company.

With us, the health and well-being of your teams is at the heart of our mission and we are passionate about improving their quality of life.

We’re here to help you create a healthier and more productive work environment, while building team spirit and cohesion in your organization.

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