The breast feeding solution at the the Workplace

Pachamama is much more than a simple breast feeding chair. It’s a solution to  support those Mums who want to keep breast feeding while going to work. By offering un environment adapted to the breast feeding in your company, it will bring you enormous advantages  to your employees, and also to your organization.

This breast feeding solution has been designed for  practicability and confort to Mums during their breast feeding period. Includes a folding tray allowing to easily lay all the required accessories or even a laptop for those who want to keep working.

Ergonomics of the Pachamama has been carefully studied to provide a straight posture, for a optimal milk extraction.

A versatile chair

The versatility of the Pachamama is another important asset. Integrated wheels and a side cupboard, it’s easily adaptable to all type of offices and available space. In a dedicated room to the breast feeding, or just in a small office corner dedicated for it, the Pachamama will fit harmoniously in your working space.

Privacy and the required relaxation are also taken in consideration due to its physical isolation, Mums can enjoy a relaxed and pleasant moment during their breast feeding break, allowing them to focus on this precious moment without been interrupted by the normal office distractions. 

Features :

– Chair Dimensions : 110x95cm Side cupboard 96x50x42 cm

– Weight: 39 Kg

– The side cupboard can integrate a mini fridge and storage space

– The canopy allows a visual isolation

– Comply to the legal requirements

– Ergonomic position

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