Project Description



Chair Yoga & Meditation Workshop

1 hour workshop performed seated on a regular meeting room. Using the principles of Kundalini Yoga to return to the workplace much more balanced.

Self-Massage Workshop

A 45min practical workshop, up to 25 participants, to learn some easy, practical and efficient movements to massage own body to reduce muscle pain, tension and stress, improving their well-being and vitality.

A self-massage ball and an exercises card are given to each participant for regular practice after the workshop, during the quotidian life.

“Healthy lunch” Workshop

A variety of Healthy Meal workshops can be created and tailored according to specific needs.

Objective to demystify the believe that it’s impossible to prepare healthy food on a easy and quick way. Participants will also get some recipes examples, so they can easily engage in preparing their own healthy meal to bring to the office.

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