As the festive season approaches, synonymous with warm family moments, it’s important to take into account the potential stress associated with preparations. Here are our tips for looking after your well-being over the vacations.

Cultivate human connections:

Take advantage of the holidays to catch up with loved ones. This rich and satisfying experience is not only good for immediate happiness, but also for long-term health. Cultivating social ties and feeling a sense of belonging are essential for overall well-being.

Get moving, even in winter:

Incorporating an exercise routine during the festive season is a wise choice for cultivating both physical and mental well-being. A simple winter walk after a hearty meal is not only a breath of fresh air, it also aids digestion, helping to maintain digestive balance. What’s more, exposure to daylight provides extra energy and vitamin D, leaving you refreshed and ready to enjoy your festive days to the full.

Running, for its part, proves an effective remedy for relieving the stress that can accompany festive preparations. It acts as a powerful endorphin release, helping to create a sense of well-being and reduce accumulated tension.

What’s more, our magnificent ski resorts offer an ideal opportunity to indulge in an entertaining physical activity while enjoying the splendid winter scenery. Skiing, in addition to being a rewarding experience, engages various muscle groups, improving overall fitness.

Take a break:

Give yourself some free time and take a break. Meditation, sophrology and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) are techniques renowned for reducing stress and bringing you back to the present moment.

Explore your creativity:

Reduce stress by engaging in creative activities during holiday preparations. Writing, drawing, painting Christmas cards or any other artistic expression are excellent ways to relax the mind, improve mood and channel emotions.

Digital detox:

Take a digital break over the holidays by limiting screen time. Digital disconnection can help reduce stress and promote genuine relaxation. Take advantage of moments without your phone or computer to reconnect with the present moment and your loved ones.