Our Conferences

Within our team of experts we propose a variety of conferences to be delivered at the Company premises or at any other venue in relevant subjects like Nutrition, the 4 basic health pillars, Digital Detox, among others.

Conference Health Triangle :

During this conference, we will go over the 3 essential elements of health, some current figures, information and practical examples.
At the end of this conference, participants will also have received elements that will enable them to implement a few simple measures to improve their health. 

Digital balance

The hyperconnectivity of our society and all the cybersecurity risks are our main sources of stress. Smartphones, social networks, non-stop incoming e-mails, back-to-back meetings, data leaks… With all this, we have plenty of reasons to be stressed, both in our professional and private lives. In this conference we talk about facts, figures and examples on the daily risks of hyperconnectivity and cybersecurity, and share tips on how to reduce the associated stress, whether in professional or personal life.

Sleep Conference

Whenever we have a presentation to finish, an early-morning flight to catch or an evening out with friends, it’s always sleep that’s sacrificed… Today’s lifestyle, stress, hyperconnectivity, lights, noise… all these elements also greatly disrupt our sleep. Even if the process that leads us to sleep is still a mystery, science proves that getting a good night’s sleep is very important for our health and performance. During this talk, we’ll share some current figures, relevant information and practical examples of how to improve your sleep.

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