The recovery cocoon

The EnergyPod is the first recovery cocoon specifically designed for the working spaces. This cocoon allows its users to recharge and increase their professional and personal productivity by the positive effects of controlled relaxation and power napping.

Exceptional confort:

This cocoon is equipped with an high quality synthetic leather skin, soft and smooth for an optimal comfort. The adjustable legs inclination in Zero Gravity position reduce blood pressure and offers a perfect relaxation. The seat design was also done to relax the lumbar area with light knees flexion.

The seat’s design is also designed to relax lower back muscles with a slight bend in the knees.

Simple and practical usage

Click on the play button for the standard 20min session to  start automatically. The duration, the desire music, the volume, the vibration mode, they all can be adjusted as wished.

An acoustic selection created from a collaboration between a sleep doctor and a known pianist allow to eliminate the surrounding distractions and to create the right conditions for a proper relaxation.

The included i20 technology have the capacity to extract usage reports.

Features :

– Privacy Visor

– Guided Relaxation with integrated timer

– Interface Console

– Adjustable settings

– Integrated Bose speaker

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