The Relaxation and Recovery masterpiece

The N.A.P. is a comfortable cocoon featuring advanced Neurosonic technology that stimulates neurosensory tissue through a combination of low frequency sound and vibration to induce relaxation in body and mind. It is designed to also help recover faster after intense sports training.

It’s easy to use with its touchscreen and included headphones. This chair is made by Lo0ok Industries Finland with high quality materials for the ultimate recovery experience.

The programs:

– Relaxation: 10min program that relieves muscle contractions and refreshes the mind.

– Turbo nap: 10min program for a quick and regenerating nap.

– Recovery: 37 to 41min program that helps the body recover faster after intensive training by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation in the tissues.

– Activation: 12 to 24min program that increases energy levels and helps relieve headaches and neck problems. Well suited for morning and afternoon use, the activation program is also particularly beneficial for office workers who sit for long periods of time.

Features :

– 4 different programs

– Sleek Nordic design with touchscreen and headphones included

– Different fabrics available for personalized comfort

– Equipped with revolutionary Finnish technology

– Available in different colours

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