Nap & Up

The Power Nap cocoon

This Powernap cocoon from Nap&Up has been designed to offer a moment of relaxation and optimal recovery at the workplace.

Its ergonomics in zero gravity position favors an ideal relaxation state for restoring Powernaps. It also offers an visual isolation for a better disconnection from the work environment to foster a recovery relaxation.

This chair is perfectly suited for office use, thanks to its compact design and ease of movement.

With its antibacterial fabric, its 100% sponge-proof covering and its compliance with M1 fire-retardant standards, this cocoon is the ideal solution for a relaxing break in complete serenity.

The App

A platform allowing each user to perform their powernap in ideal conditions, thanks to:

– An online reservation system for the chosen powernap slot

– Customizable audios, produced in partnership with sophrologists and hypnotherapists

– Evolving content with new recordings added regularly.

– Access to over 350 accompanying audio content

– Content is available unlimited and can also be used outside of the Nap&Up

– Usage report available of your relaxation cocoons

Features :

– Requires little space

– 100% spongeable and anti-bacterial tissue

– Visual isolation thanks to the folding canopy

– 2 cocoon colours available (Glacier, Turquoise)

– 2 different bases available (wood or recycled plastic), with 3 different plastic colours

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