Getting back into the swing of things after a festive period can be difficult. After spending some quality time with your loved ones and making good resolutions for the New Year, here are a few tips to ease you back into the office.

Prioritize your tasks:

On your first day back at work, don’t stress! Start by drawing up a list of the most urgent tasks, ideally focusing on those you enjoy the most. By organizing your day in this way, you’ll avoid any source of stress and be able to act with greater serenity.

Practice meditation and relaxation:

Set up a simple meditation routine that’s right for everyone. This practice encourages you to let go and better manage your emotions. Just a few minutes a day can slow your heart rate and ease your worries. 

Favor the Powernap:

Dedicate a short moment of your day to a “Powernap”. This short nap, lasting around 20 minutes, can significantly improve your concentration, productivity and mood. By incorporating this practice into your routine, you recharge your batteries, promoting a more energetic and efficient post-holiday recovery.

Return to a healthy diet and exercise routine:

After the dietary excesses of the festive season, rebalance yourself by adopting a healthy diet and resuming sporting activity. This will give you a sense of well-being and help you regain your energy.

The Light therapy:

After the holidays, when days can get darker, light therapy can help combat fatigue and low energy. It is known to promote the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and regulate melatonin, which influences sleep. Incorporating light therapy into your daily routine can therefore contribute to a smoother transition after the festivities, improving your mood and boosting your vitality.

Share your holiday experience with your colleagues:

Remember, you’re not alone when you return from the holidays-your colleagues feel the same way you do. Share your holiday experience and ask them questions about what they did. There are always funny anecdotes to tell about this time of year. The conversation will quickly become relaxing and you’ll soon be smiling again.