What would make you decide to take a nap in the office?

At some point in your career, you’ve probably felt the urgent need to recharge your batteries during the day, after a bad night’s sleep, consistently short nights or a business trip?

Do you feel you can make informed decisions for yourself and your company? Can you relate harmoniously with your colleagues in this state? Don’t you feel that this long-term state of heaviness and discomfort could have an impact on your health? Not only your physical health, but also your mental health.

Of course, the subject is still taboo and opinions differ:

  • What would my boss and colleagues think? No commitment to the company, laziness, lack of seriousness and professionalism, loss of time and productivity…
  • I’d like to, but I’m having trouble relaxing in a short space of time. What can I do?
  • If my employer allows me to do so and provides a suitable place, why not!

So now’s the time to change your habits and beliefs about the power nap, and to dare!

  • Dare to talk about it with your management and colleagues. Here are some interesting arguments: a micro-nap immediately improves creativity, productivity (by 35% according to a NASA study), memorization, concentration and alertness, as well as stress management. Physical and mental health are maintained at their highest levels.
  • Dare to offer a rest room with a cocoon, a recliner or deckchairs, and use a relaxation application that will quickly put you in the right relaxation conditions for a power-nap.
  • Dare to set up a “micro-nap charter” with time slots and conditions for use of the place and cocoon: 15 to 20 minutes is enough to recharge!

It’s often a good idea to make a change for the better, while respecting your health!