RelaxInc was created to help increasing the profitability of your Organization by improving the Productivity of your employees.

RelaxInc is a B2B wellness provider offering on-site employee chair massages performed by our qualified team.

This service is done clothed in an ergonomic chair, over a short period approximately 15 minutes. Achieving very good results physically and psychologically, the set-up of our equipment is done easily and quickly. It only requires a small area of approximately 5m2.

Our body is subject to a lot of strain, especially the back and neck. If the person has a sedentary posture in an office environment or a physical job with bad load carrying habits this creates a lot of strain on the body negatively affecting the physical and mental capacities.

The current complex business climate and workload creates a lot of pressure and stress on our work-force. It’s a threat to their wellbeing and motivation and the main cause of absenteeism.

RelaxInc proposes simple and affordable solutions for reducing employee stress, increase their satisfaction at work and consequently their overall productivity. This is proven by different studies.

Based in Lausanne, we offer our services in Romandy and are soon expanding.