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RelaxInc offers a variety of Wellness Enterprise services solutions

At RelaxInc we believe that for employees to perform at their best they must feel welcomed at their workplace, motivated, recognized and in a state of pure well-being

The current complex and demanding business climate and workload creates a lot of pressure and stress on our work-force. It’s a threat to their well-being and motivation, and the main cause of absenteeism.

We propose different solutions for reducing employee stress, increase their satisfaction at work and consequently their overall productivity.

Our solutions are proven by different studies.

RelaxInc is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We offer our services in the entire country and abroad.

Our office is your office.


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The staff really appreciates this relaxation moments. Those who tries always ask for more!
(…) There are only positive remarks, I’m very satisfied with your services and by offering my team these little moments of relax.
Mrs. Fernandez, École Hôtelière de Lausanne
It’s really nice and allows you to relax in a very short time.