"...If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients." - Richard Branson


#1 in Switzerland for Corporate Wellness Services

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RelaxInc offers a variety of well-being services

Our clients are Corporations for any type of Industry, Service and Size. Our flexibility allow us to serve from a small office up to a very large corporation with several sites.

Organizations like Nestlé, Philip Morris, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Chopard, Banque Santander, Hotels Movenpick, Celgene and public entities like the municipality of Renens trust our work, and we consistently receive the highest grade of satisfaction.

It’s our Mission to bring well-being to the workplace, since we believe for employees to perform at their best they must feel motivated, recognized, relaxed and in a state of pure well-being.

We are committed to deliver the best experience possible to our clients, that’s why we invest not only in the best professionals but also in continuously learning and innovating.

Our diversity of services offer the best 360º well-being experience for your employees, adapted to your specific needs.

We offer our services in the entire country and abroad.


Please come visit booth K.04 to learn all our new services and receive a free chair massage. Click here if you want a free entrance

The staff really appreciates this relaxation moments. Those who tries always ask for more!

Mme. Fernandez, EHL

“I loved the self-massage Workshop performed during our Health day at Celgene. Provided me relaxing and well-being sensations. Some few simple techniques but with a very effective results!

A big thanks for this discovery.”

Employee, Celgene
(…) There are only positive remarks, I’m very satisfied with your services and by offering my team these little moments of relax.
Mrs. Fernandez, École Hôtelière de Lausanne
It’s really nice and allows you to relax in a very short time.

Propose regular chair massages (like once per week)…”

Employee, Nestlé