What is Power-nap?

Power-nap, also known as micro-nap, is a dynamic response to the notorious mid-day slump, offering a relaxing interlude and a boost of energy.

Ideally, this short rest should last between 5 and 20 minutes. Beyond this duration, the risk of entering a deep slow-wave sleep cycle increases, leading to a feeling of tiredness on waking and potential difficulties in falling asleep in the evening. It’s important to stress that this short period of rest does not replace a full night’s sleep, but is intended to provide a recuperative effect.

The optimum time for a Power-nap is generally just after lunch, when alertness naturally decreases due to the digestive process. At this time of day, the body benefits from a break.

Power-nap is the ideal ally when energy levels are low, offering a host of health benefits :

Increased productivity:

Studies, including one by NASA, show that 20 minutes of Power-nap can boost productivity by up to 35%, improving attention and cognitive performance at work.

Increased alertness:

Recommended to reduce errors at work, micro-naps also promote alertness, keeping you sharp and focused.

Memory stimulation:

This regenerative break is a powerful ally in improving the assimilation of new information. It acts as a catalyst to optimize memory. Thanks to this brief pause, the mind benefits from a moment of consolidation, strengthening the ability to memorize and retrieve important information. Studies show that this short period of rest can increase attention fivefold.

Strengthening the senses and creativity:

Power-nap awakens the senses and boosts creativity. It encourages the emergence of innovative solutions to challenges, offering a refreshing perspective.

Improved health:

In addition to its beneficial effects on stress management, micro-nap plays an essential role in preventing certain health problems such as overweight and diabetes. By promoting a general relaxation of body and mind, it helps to lower stress levels, which are often linked to these health conditions. What’s more, it strengthens the heart by providing a recuperative break, which can reduce the potential risk of heart failure and cardiovascular disease.

Putting the smile back on your face:

By correcting sleep deprivation, micro-naps can reverse the negative effects on mood, making individuals less anxious, irritable, depressed, and more easily inspired. A simple 5- to 20-minute nap can put a smile back on your face in the blink of an eye.